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- Unfilmed scene, STXI

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guard your mind
guard your grace
guard your body
with stone walls
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The Ultimate Star Trek Masterpost


Pilot - The Cage

Season 1

The Man TrapCharlie XWhere No Man Has Gone BeforeThe Naked TimeThe Enemy WithinMudd’s WomenWhat Are Little Girls Made Of?MiriDagger of the Mind | The Corbomite Maneuver | The Menagerie, Part IThe Menagerie, Part IIThe Conscience of the KingBalance of TerrorShore LeaveThe Galileo SevenThe Squire of GothosArenaTomorrow Is YesterdayCourt MartialThe Return of the ArchonsSpace SeedA Taste of ArmageddonThis Side of ParadiseThe Devil in the DarkErrand of MercyThe Alternative FactorThe City on the Edge of ForeverOperation: Annihilate!

Season 2

Amok TimeWho Mourns for AdonaisThe ChangelingMirror, MirrorThe AppleThe Doomsday MachineCatspawI, MuddMetamorphosisJourney to BabelFriday’s ChildThe Deadly YearsObsessionWolf in the FoldThe Trouble with TribblesThe Gamesters of TriskelionA Piece of the ActionThe Immunity SyndromeA Private little WarReturn to TomorrowPatterns of ForceBy Any Other Name | The Omega Glory  | The Ultimate ComputerBread and CircusesAssignment: Earth

Season 3

Spock’s BrainThe Enterprise IncidentThe Paradise SyndromeAnd the Children Shall LeadIs There in Truth No Beauty?Spectre of the GunDay of the DoveFor the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the SkyThe Tholian WebPlato’s StepchildrenWink of an EyeThe EmpathElaan of TroyiusWhom Gods DestroyLet That Be Your Last BattlefieldThe Mark of GideonThat Which SurvivesThe Lights of ZetarRequiem for MethuselahThe Way to EdenThe Cloud MindersThe Savage CurtainAll Our YesterdaysTurnabout Intruder


Season 1

Beyond the Farthest StarYesteryearOne of Our Planets Is MissingThe Lorelei SignalMore Tribbles, More TroublesThe SurvivorThe Infinite VulcanThe Magicks of Megas-tuOnce Upon a PlanetMudd’s PassionThe Terratin IncidentThe Time TrapThe Ambergris ElementThe Slaver WeaponThe Eye of the BeholderThe Jihad

Season 2

The Pirates of OrionBemThe Practical JokerAlbatrossHow Sharper Than a Serpent’s ToothThe Couter-Clock Incident


Season 1

Encounter at FarpointThe Naked NowCode of HonorThe Last OutpostWhere No One Has Gone BeforeLonely Among UsJusticeThe BattleHide and QHavenThe Big GoodbyeDataloreAngel One11001001Too Short a SeasonWhen the Bough BreaksHome SoilComing of AgeHeart of GloryThe Arsenal of FreedomSymbiosisSkin of EvilWe’ll Always Have ParisConspiracyThe Neutral Zone

Season 2

The ChildWhere Silence Has LeaseElementary, Dear DataThe Outrageous OkonaLoud as a WhisperThe Schizoid ManUnnatural SelectionA Matter of HonorThe Measure of a ManThe DauphinContagionThe RoyaleTime SquaredThe Icarus FactorPen PalsQ Who?Samaritan SnareUp the Long LadderManhuntThe EmissaryPeak PerformanceShades of Gray

Season 3

EvolutionThe Ensigns of CommandThe SurvivorsWho Watches the WatchersThe BondingBooby TrapThe EnemyThe Price | The Vengeance FactorThe DefectorThe HuntedThe High Ground | Déjà QA Matter of PerspectiveYesterday’s EnterpriseThe OffspringSins of the FatherAllegianceCaptain’s HolidayTin ManHollow PursuitsThe Most ToysSarekMénage à TroiTransfigurationsThe Best of Both Worlds: Part I

Season 4

The Best of Both Worlds: Part IIFamilyBrothersSuddenly HumanRemember MeLegacyReunionFuture ImperfectFinal MissionThe LossData’s DayThe WoundedDevil’s DueCluesFirst ContactGalaxy’s ChildNight TerrorsIdentity CrisisThe Nth DegreeQpidThe DrumheadHalf a LifeThe HostThe Mind’s EyeIn TheoryRedemption I

Season 5

Redemption IIDarmokEnsign RoSilicon AvatarDisasterThe GameUnifaction IUnifaction IIA Matter of TimeNew GroundHero WorshipViolationsThe Masterpiece SocietyConundrumPower PlayEthicsThe OutcastCause and EffectThe First DutyCost of LivingThe Perfect MateImaginary FriendI, BorgThe Next PhaseThe Inner LightTime’s Arrow: Part 1

Season 6

Time’s Arrow, Part 2Realm of FearMan of the PeopleRelicsSchismsTrue QRascalsA Fistful of DatasThe Quality of LifeChain of Command: Part 1 | Chain of Command: Part 2Ship in a BottleAquielFace of the EnemyTapestryBirthright: Part 1Birthright: Part 2 | Starship MineLessonsThe ChaseFrame of MindSuspicionsRightful HeirSecond ChancesTimescapeDescent: Part 1

Season 7

Descent: Part 2LiaisonsInterfaceGambit: Part 1Gambit: Part 2PhantasmsDark PageAttachedForce of NatureInheritanceParallelsThe PegasusHomewardSub RoseLower DecksThine Own SelfMasksEye of the BeholderGenesisJourney’s EndFirstbornBloodlinesEmergencePreemptive StrikeAll Good Things…


Season 1

EmissaryPast PrologueA Man AloneBabelCaptive PursuitQ-LessDaxThe PassengerMove Along HomeThe NagusVortexBattle LinesThe StorytellerProgressIf Wishes Were HorsesThe ForsakenDramatis PersonaeDuetIn the Hands of the Prophets

Season 2

The HomecomingThe CircleThe SiegeInvasive ProceduresCardassiansMeloraRules of AcquisitionNecessary EvilSecond SightSanctuaryRivalsThe AlternateArmageddon GameWhispersParadiseShadowplayPlaying GodProfit and LossBlood OathThe Maquis: Part 1The Maquis: Part 2The WireCrossoverThe CollaboratorTribunalThe Jem’Hadar

Season 3

The Search: Part 1The Search: Part 2The House of QuarkEquilibriumSecond SkinThe AbandonedCivil DefenseMeridianDefiantFascinationPast Tense: Part 1Past Tense: Part 2 Life Support Heart of Stone Destiny Prophet Motive Visionary Distant Voices Through the Looking Glass Improbable Cause The Die is Cast Explorers Family Business Shakaar Facets The Adversary

Season 4

The Way of the WarriorThe VisitorHippocratic OathIndiscretionRejoinedStarship DownLittle Green MenThe Sword of KahlessOur Man BashirHomefrontParadise LostCrossfireReturn to GraceSons of MoghBar AssociationAccessionRules of EngagementHard TimeShattered MirrorThe MuseFor the CauseTo the DeathThe QuickeningBody PartsBroken Link

Season 5

Apocalypse RisingThe ShipLooking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places…Nor the Battle to the StrongThe AssignmentTrials and Tribble-ationsLet He Who Is Without Sin…Things PastThe AscentRaptureThe Darkness and the LightThe BegottenFor the UniformIn Purgatory’s ShadowBy Inferno’s LightDoctor Bashir, I Presume?A Simple InvestigationBusiness as UsualTies of blood and WaterFerengi Love SongsSoldiers of the EmpireChildren of TimeBlaze of GloryEmpok NorIn the CardsCall to Arms

Season 6

A Time to StandRocks and ShoalsSons and DaughtersBehind the LinesFavor the BoldSacrifice of AngelsYou are Cordially Invited… | ResurrectionStatistical ProbabilitiesThe Magnificent FerengiWaltzWho Mourns for Morn?Far Beyond the StarsOne Little ShipHonor Among ThievesChange of HeartWrongs Darker Than Death or NightInquisitionIn the Pale MoonlightHis WayThe ReckoningValiantProfit and LaceTime’s OrphanThe Sound of Her VoiceTears of the Prophets

Season 7

Image in the SandShadows and SymbolsAfterimageTake Me Out to the HolosuiteChrysalisTreachery, Faith, and the Great RiverOnce More Unto the BreachThe Siege of AR-558CovenantIt’s Only a Paper MoonProdigal DaughterThe Emperor’s New CloakField of Fire | ChimeraBadda-Bing Badda-BangInter Arma Enim Silent LegesPenumbraTil Death Do Us Part | Strange BedfellowsThe Changing Face of EvilWhen It Rains…Tacking Into the WindExtreme MeasuresThe Dogs of WarWhat You Leave Behind


Season 1

CaretakerParallaxTime and AgainPhageThe CloudEye of the NeedleEx Post FactoEmanationsPrime FactorsState of FluxHeroes and DemonsCathexisFacesJetrelLearning Curve

Season 2

The 37’sInitiationsProjectionsElogiumNon SequiturTwistedParturitionPersistence of VisionTattooCold FireManeuversResistancePrototypeAlliancesThresholdMeldDreadnoughtDeath WishLifesignsInvestigationsDeadlockInnocence | The ThawTuvixResolutionsBasics: Part 1

Season 3

Basics: Part 2FlashbackThe ChuteThe SwarmFalse ProfitsRememberSacred GroundFuture’s End: Part 1Future’s End: Part 2WarlordThe Q and the GreyMacrocosmFair TradeAlter EgoCodaBlood FeverUnityDarklingRiseFavorite SonBefore and AfterReal LifeDistant OriginDisplacedWorst Case ScenarioScorpion: Part 1

Season 4

Scorpion: Part 2The GiftDay of HonorNemesisRevulsionThe RavenScientific MethodYear of Hell: Part 1Year of Hell: Part 2Random ThoughtsConcerning FlightMortal CoilWaking MomentsMessage in a BottleHuntersPreyRetrospectThe Killing Game: Part 1The Killing Game: Part 2Vis à VisThe Omega DirectiveUnforgettableLiving WitnessDemonOneHope and Fear

Season 5

NightDroneExtreme RiskIn the FleshOnce Upon a TimeTimelessInfinite RegressNothing HumanThirty DaysCounterpointLatent Image | Bride of Chaotica!GravityBlissDark FrontierThe DiseaseCourse: OblivionThe FightThink TankJuggernautSomeone to Watch Over Me11:59RelativityWarheadEquinox: Part 1

Season 6

Equinox: Part 2 | Survival Instinct | Barge of the Dead | Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy | Alice | Riddles | Dragon’s Teeth | One Small Step | The Voyager Conspiracy | Pathfinder | Fair Haven | Blink of an Eye | Virtuoso | Memorial | Tsunkatse | Collective | Spirit Folk | Ashes to Ashes | Child’s Play | Good Shepherd | Live Fast and Prosper | Muse | Fury | Life Line | The Haunting of Deck Twelve | Unimatrix Zero: Part 1

Season 7

Unimatrix Zero: Part 2 | Imperfection | Drive | RepressionCritical CareInside ManBody and SoulNightingaleFlesh and BloodShatteredLineageRepentanceProphecyThe VoidWorkforce: Part 1Workforce: Part 2Human ErrorQ2Author, AuthorFriendship OneNatural LawHomesteadRenaissance ManEndgame


Season 1

Broken BowFight or FlightStrange New WorldUnexpectedTerra NovaThe Andorian IncidentBreaking the IceCivilizationFortunate SonCold FrontSilent EnemyDear DoctorSleeping Dogs | Shadows of P’JemShuttlepod OneFusionRogue PlanetAcquisitionOasisDetainedVox SolaFallen HeroDesert CrossingTwo Days and Two NightsShockwave: Part 1

Season 2

Shockwave: Part 2Carbon CreekMinefieldDead StopA Night in SickbayMaraudersThe SeventhThe CommunicatorSingularityVanishing PointPrecious CargoThe CatwalkDawnStigmaCease FireFuture TenseCanamarThe CrossingJudgmentHorizonThe BreachCogenitorRegenerationFirst FlightBountyThe Expanse

Season 3

The XindiAnomalyExtinctionRajiinImpulseExileThe ShipmentTwilightNorth StarSimilitudeCarpenter StreetChosen RealmProving GroundStratagemHarbingerDoctor’s OrdersHatcheryAzati PrimeDamageThe ForgottenThe CouncilCountdownZero Hour 

Season 4

Storm Front: Part 1Storm Front: Part 2HomeBorderlandCold Station 12The AugmentsThe ForgeAwakeningKir’SharaDaedalusObserver EffectBabel OneUnitedThe AenarAfflictionDivergenceBoundIn a Mirror, Darkly: Part 1In a Mirror, Darkly: Part 2DemonsTerra PrimeThese Are the Voyages…


Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek Generations
Star Trek: First Contact
Star Trek: Insurrection
Star Trek: Nemesis
Star Trek
Star Trek Into Darkness

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When I first capped this, I thought it was funny because Kirk is asking what we’re all thinking: why the hell is the Chief Medical Officer ever on the bridge, let alone constantly? Doesn’t he have a sick bay to run? Poor Nurse Chapel! Bones is like a middle school girl who got a hall pass from Math to go to the bathroom but then spends the whole period hanging out with her friends in Study Hall.

Then I looked at the image out of context and realized it’s actually funny for a whole different reason.

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Almost human

Karl Urban’s fingers

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me too Karl, me too

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